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At Tennessee Blue Ranch, we enable each horse and rider to develop a successful partnership through clear communication, a solid foundation, and compassionate horsemanship. We are committed to the ongoing learning and welfare of both horse and the rider, using the principles of natural horsemanship, dressage, and holistic health management. We understand horses’ natural instincts and utilize their herd dynamics while avoiding the use of mechanical contraptions during training. We educate horses; we do not “break” them here. We train horses with their long-term mental and physical soundness in mind.

We do not abuse either horse or handler while they are training or competing. We enjoy showing because we find it fulfilling. However, we do not require that our students compete and will work with each student to attain personal goals. We empower students to be confident leaders and build trusting relationships with their horses, which takes time and patience. There are no quick fixes when training horses or humans.

The tranquil environment at Tennessee Blue Ranch helps us refine our communication to create a closer understanding and partnership with our equine friends. We invite you to tour our farm and experience the relaxed manner in which we guide our horses, and they guide us.


Karen Bielecki
Trainer, Instructor, Barefoot Trimmer


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